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Leimebamba: Home of the Mummies

Map of Leimebamba - click to enlarge Location: Leimebamba is in north-central Peru, in the Department of Amazonas, in the Utcubamba valley, 60 kms. south of Chachapoyas. At around 2,000 ms. the valley is warm and tropically lush. Rain is common at any time of year, but June to September is reasonably dry.

How to get there: flight from Lima to Chiclayo, then bus (7-8 hours) to Chachapoyas. Irregular flights direct to Chachapoyas. Then local bus or taxi to Leimebamba (60 kms.)

Where to Stay: in Chachapoyas: Gran Hotel Vilaya; near Tingo: the charming and friendly hotel El Chillo; in Leimebamba: very basic local hostels. Leimebamba is the current resting place of the mummies and artefacts from Laguna de los Condores. Near Kuelap: Choctamal Lodge.

Other attractions: there are dozens of fascinating pre-Inca ruins in the region. Largest and most famous is Kuelap, near Tingo - a massively impressive site; also, Jalca Grande; Revash, near Puente Santo Tomás; and La Congona, near Leimebamba, among many others.

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